Why Choose IHA

The Integrative Healing Academy™ is the ultimate training course that supports you step-by-step to become Certified as a Integrative Healing Practitioner™, start your coaching business and then quickly scale it to 6-Figure.

Risk Free


I’m so confident in your ability to be successful in this course; I’m prepared to give you a 30 DAY GUARANTEE.


The course is designed with easy to follow video lessons, live trainings, workbooks, and cheatsheets, broken down into manageable chunks that are easily digestible without out any background in science.


However, if you aren’t happy for any reason, I will refund 100% of your money within the first 30 days.  This allows you to take a deep look inside and make sure it is right for you. 


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The Integrative Healing Academy™ offers 8 extreme BONUSES!


1. Business Boom Course

Value $ 50, 000

This bonus is a course that will teach you how to start and scale your business to 6-Figures


Module 1: Welcome 

Module 2: Money Mindset

Module 3: Creating Your Offer

Module 4: Designing Your Website

Module 5: Tools to Get Started

Module 6: Creating Your Free Content

Module 7: Growing Your Following

Bonus in the Bonus: Creating Courses and Passive Income

2. Cooper Zinc Analysis

Value $250

This is a bonus video on how to analyze the Great Plains Copper Zinc test and customize copper and zinc doses.  It goes over many case studies

3. Bonus Protocols and Cheat Sheets

Value $1000

In the bonus I have created done for you protocols including ii. Symptom Cheat Sheet

iii. Supplement Cheat Sheet

iv. Bladder and Vaginal Protocol

v. Viral Protocol

vi. Acute Bacterial Protocol

vii. Lyme Protocol

vii. Mold and Lyme

ix. Nickel Allergy Resources


4. Lifetime Facebook Support Group


Value $2500

Lifetime access to The Integrative Healing Academy™ Facebook Support Group where you can be a member of the community, get help, and connect to other practitioners.

5. Get Listed On Integrative Healing Practitioner™ Website

Value $3000

I get hundreds of requests per month from people who want to work with me.  I can't work with that many people. I actually plan to take on a very limited number of clients as my goal is to support your success as a practitioner.  I will be sending these excess perspective clients to the Integrative Healing Practitioner™ Website where you will be able to promote your coaching.


6. Access To All Course Updates

Value $2500


As I gain new knowledge and tools I will be sharing it with you in the course! You will get access to all updates and additions at no additional cost.


7. Live Q/A's

Value $1500


Biweekly 90 minute zoom Q/A's accessible even after you graduate. Will soon move to weekly calls so you don't have to wait to get in depth help

8. IHA Advanced Lessons

Value $2000


Bonus lessons that go above and beyond the IHA core program.  These are not on your exam but are here for you to further your knowledge and skills when you feel ready for them.  Topics including Advanced Case Studies, Urinary Amino Acids Test, Methylation Panel, Advanced Genetics and much more!

The Integrative Healing Academy™ is accredited with the following organizations