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The Founding of IHA

From healing herself to helping thousands heal, Sandie Gascon and her team are now teaching you how to heal yourself and heal others


Founder's Message

My journey to heal naturally from Lupus, migraines, depression, interstitial cystitis, acne and many other symptoms was a long one.  I made many mistakes along the way and had many painful set backs. It doesn't have to be that way. 


After I healed myself, I fine tuned my program working with hundreds of people all around the world.  I ran thousands of tests and learned what worked and what didn't for the majority of people.


I created the Heal Yourself Programd and wrote my book Heal Yourself ~Body ~Mind~ Spirit~ which outlines my program.  It has helped thousands of people all around the world.


Even though it is almost 200 pages I couldn't fit everything into one book.  Learning to analyze all the tests, seeing the different patterns and protocols would take thousands of pages.


If I can help 100 clients a year then 100 people doing exactly what I do could help 10,000 people a year.  I knew I needed to create an in depth course to share all my knowledge, to teach people to do what I do, and be certified to do it.

~Sandie Gascon

Integrative Healing Practitioner

Author of Heal Yourself

Founder of The Integrative Healing Academy

Learn to Heal Yourself and Discover The Freedom That A Business In Helping Others Can Bring

  • Analyze Functional Medicine Labs

  • Design Protocols

  • Unlock Your Passion

  • Change Your Life

  • Work Smart

  • Help Others

  • Find Fulfillment

  • Have Fun

  • Make an Impact

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