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Level 2

Become A Practitioner

Level 2 is for those who are ready to step into their passion and purpose and make a difference in the world. 

We want to create an army of healers practicing the Heal Yourself Method. People want a whole-body approach to healing.  They are tired of going to natural practitioners who practice an allopathic model- just treating the symptoms

The Heal Yourself Program is that holistic model, and in Level 2 you learn how to work with clients and get certified as an Integrative Healing Practitioner.  You have the ability to order your own labs for your clients and gain even more advanced skills in the IHA Advanced and IHA Life Coaching Courses.

Module 1- Working With Clients

  • Many topics including: Guiding Others While Healing Yourself, Dealing with Frustration, Working with Kids and Pregnant Women, How to Order Tests, and so much more

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Module 2 - Case Studies

  • Lead two real life practice clients through the Heal Yourself Program.  Help them transition to a balanced whole food diet. Run genetics, organic acids, blood work, Dutch and gut testing. Design their protocols and receive expert feedback.

Exam And Certification

  • The final exam is designed to help solidify the information you have learned in the course


 Ordering Labs for Clients

Once you are certified as an Integrative Healing Practitioner you will be able to order labs for clients and yourself.

The Integrative Healing Academy works with multiple labs all around the world.

IHA Advanced

Learn how to analyze and design protocols for advanced functional medicine labs and gain more tools with advanced case studies

Module 1: Advanced Genetics

Dive into more advanced genes and learn how to support through supplementation.

It starts here-2.png
It starts here-3.png

Module 2: Advanced Case Studies

Here we tackle more challenging case studies to help you on your journey as a practitioner

Module 3: Urinary Amino Acids Test

Learn how to analyze the Urinary Amino Acids Test

It starts here-5.png

Module 4:​ Methylation Panel

Learn how to analyze and design protocols for the Methylation Panel

IHA Life Coaching

In this course you will learn how to help your clients move through blocks and reach their goals.

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Module 1:​ Creating the Coaching Container

Learn tools to create a safe coaching environment

Module 2: Helping Clients Effect Change 

Aquire tools to assist your clients in setting goals to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving the future they desire

Copy of LEsson 3.png
Copy of Lesson 4.jpg

Module 3:​ Moving Through Blocks

This module helps you assist clients in recognizing their strengths and shifting their perceptions

Module 4: Navigating Emotions

This module focuses on the tools needed to recognize triggers and master their emotions.

Copy of Lesson 1 Navigating Emotions in a Coaching Container.png


Get Listed on Integrative Healing Practitioner's Website

People looking for a whole-body healing program regularly utilize our database to connect with our highly trained and skilled practitioners.  As a graduate of The Integrative Healing Academy there will be no yearly fees to be included in this directory.


Access To Course Updates 

To stay up to date with the most current natural health information and functional lab analyses we are always updating the course. You will get access to all updates and additions at no additional cost. 


IHA Graduate Facebook Group

Join the IHA Graduate Facebook Group to connect with other grads and get more focused support on working with clients.


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