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Level 1

Heal Yourself, Heal Your Family

Level 1 is the perfect option for those ready to empower themselves with the tools and knowledge to heal themselves and their families.

Learn how to analyze functional medicine labs and design protocols to move yourself and your family through the Heal Yourself Program.

Level 1 is also beneficial for practitioners who already have an established client base and are looking to expand their skills to up level their practice with the most in depth functional lab analyses and protocol design.


Module 1 - Welcome

  • Welcome

  • ​Course Map

  • ​Program Map

  • ​Success Recipe and First Aid Kit

  • ​Body Bank Account

Module 2 - Nutrition

  • Survival vs. Thrival

  • ​Finding Your Ideal Diet

  • ​Helping Clients Transition to Whole Foods

  • ​The Migrating Motor Complex

  • ​Oxalates and Sulfur with Cheat Sheet

  • ​Supplement Mindset

  • ​Basic Nutrients with Cheat Sheet

  • ​Sequencing, Titration and Sensitivities

  • ​Fasting

  • ​Digestion Science

  • ​Nutrition Workbook


Module 3 - Organic Acids Test

  • Balancing Neurotransmitters Introduction

  • ​Mitochondria and Basic Cellular Anatomy

  • ​Organic Acids Test Overview

  • ​Organic Acids Test Case Studies

  • Organic Acids Workbook

Module 4 - Blood Analysis

  • Understanding the Thyroid

  • ​Blood Analysis Overview

  • ​Blood Analysis Case Studies

  • ​Blood Analysis Cheat Sheet

  • Blood Analysis Workbook

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Module 5 - Genetics

  • Detox Pathways

  • ​Neurotransmitter Genes

  • ​Detox Genes 

  • ​Methylation

  • ​How to Upload Raw Data and Retrieve Reports

  • ​Case Studies

  • ​Gene Quick Reference Guide

  • ​Sulfur Protocol

  • ​Putting the Foundation Together

  • ​Genetics Workbook

Module 6 - Dutch

  • Hormones Science

  • ​Adrenal Patterns and Cortisone 

  • ​Circadian Rhythms

  • ​Cycling Female Hormone Analysis and Case Studies

  • ​Male Hormone Analysis and Case Studies

  • ​Peri and Post Menopausal Analysis and Case Studies

  • Dutch Organic Acids Markers

  • ​Hormone Workbook

Mock Client.png

Module 7 - Practice

  • ​Practical experience analyzing tests and designing protocols with two mock clients on all material up to and including Module 6.

Module 8 - Phase 3 Detox

  • How, When and Why

  • ​Liver Flush Blueprint

  • ​Coffee Enema Blueprint

  • ​Intestinal Cleanse Blueprint

  • ​Castor Oil Pack Blueprint

Mock Client (2).png
Mock Client (3).png

Module 9 - Gut and Heavy Metals

  • Heavy Metals and Binders

  • Parawellness - Parasites and Protozoa Protocols

  • ​GI MAP - Bacteria, H. pylori, and Yeast

  • ​SIBO Intro and Protocols

  • ​SIBO Case Studies

  • ​Gut and Metals Workbook

Module 10 - Bonus Resources

  • Copper Zinc Test Analysis

  • Supplement Quick Reference Guide

  • Symptom Quick Reference Guide

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Module 11 - Bonus Protocols 

Pre-made Quick Reference Guides and Protocols on topics including: 

  • i. Symptom Quick Reference Guide

  • ii. Supplement Quick Reference Guide

  • iii. Bladder and Vaginal Protocol

  • iv. Viral Protocol

  • v. Acute Bacterial Protocol

  • vi. Lyme Protocol

  • vii. Healing from Mold Illness 

  • viii. Nickel Allergy Resources


Lifetime Facebook Support 

Lifetime access to The Integrative Healing Academy Facebook Support Group where you can be a member of the community, ask questions, get support, and connect with others.

Live Zoom Support Calls

Bi-weekly 90 minute zoom calls to answer all your questions in a classroom setting


Order Labs At Wholesale Prices


As an Integrative Healing Academy student, you will gain access to ordering labs for yourself and your family at wholesale cost.


Mindset Course Access


Mindset and emotional wellbeing is an integral part of healing. With The Integrative Healing Academy you receive access to mindset training that will help you move through blocks and heal emotional trauma.



Risk Free


The course is designed with easy to follow video lessons, live trainings, workbooks, and cheatsheets, broken down into manageable chunks that are easily digestible without out any background in science.


However, if you aren’t happy for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money within the first 30 days.  This allows you to take a deep look inside and make sure it is right for you. 


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