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What Others Are Saying About the Integrative Healing Academy

Real Thoughts From Students and Graduates

"I decided to go with Sandie's because she pulled everything together! Not only has going through the program saved my own life quite literally, it has inspired me to look at medicine and health differently!"


~ Sarah M.

"I have learned so so much! Sandie is a really great teacher, she is a lot of fun so it doesn’t feel like work to do it…..It’s worth doing, I highly recommend it!" 

~Sandra K.

Its a phenomenal course, she is constantly adding to it even after you graduate! There is a wonderful support group for people going through the program and for once you’ve graduate! 

~Miranda B.

"The reason I really like IHA is because it's self study- so self paced. You can do it whenever you want to and it can fit to your schedule."

~Brennan S.

"Sandie's program is so comprehensive! I literally treat my husband, treat my kids, treat my family members now. If you’re looking for a program that is going to give you an amazing foundational base on this type of approach, Sandie’s program is it hands down!" 

~Kasey K.

"I decided to do IHA because I really feel like there should be more practitioners out there that take the whole body approach to healing and look at the full picture. "

~Jennifer K

"So many wonderful things to say about Sandie Gascon and about the Integrative Healing Academy. Her practitioner program is exceptional this program she has put together walks you through this incredible map of health! It takes into account the science, the nutrition, the mental and emotional and energetic aspects of living! It teaches you, it empowers you, it inspires you! The support aspects that are there hold you throughout the whole program! "

~Amorahki F.

"I am a student of IHA and a client of Sandie’s! When I signed up with her I had no idea how to get better. I found Sandie through a Facebook group and she was telling the truth about healing. She was my answer! I am a new person now, I have a much better quality of life! I became a student in her academy because of the mind blowing results I received as a client and I wanted to learn it all and soak it all up! "

~Bethany S.

"I have been working with Sandie for about 2 years now! As soon as Sandie started IHA, and once it was offered I knew I wanted to do the course! Even if it was just for me and my family members, I knew i wanted to do it! Sandie’s approach is one of the best I’ve ever seen!Her approach is very test based. I like that she provides tests that gives us results so we know which nutrients the body needs! Her protocols are outstanding and affective! "

~Jamie H.

"I am a graduate of IHA. It had always been a goal of mine to be a practitioner in the natural health field. I didn’t know which path I was going to take in order to get there, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, until I met Sandie! While working together, the way she would explain how and why she was analyzing what we were, that was my “ah ha” moment! That is when I knew this is what I wanted to do! "

~Kristen S.

"I have been apart of IHA for about a year now and I absolutely love it! Sandie’s program made so much sense to me.  I’ve always had a passion for holistic health and natural healing! I had certified in other programs but I needed more. The other programs were more vague, it wasn’t so in-depth. I also love that this course is at your own pace. With being a busy mom with two little kids and working full time, I do it when I can, and I love that about it! "

~Maya C.

"After working with Sandie as a client I felt better than I had in my whole life! So much so, I wanted to become a practitioner myself but didn’t know what course to go through! When Sandie opened up IHA shortly after I felt so much success with my own health! I have the tools now to help others the way Sandie was able to help me with and I’m so excited . I am very pleased with my investment! "


"I chose sandies course because I was an actual client of hers, so I know it works and I believe in it! I had spent a lot of time following Sandie before being her client before trying it and I know it works. She focuses a lot of genetics and mindset - which truly helps to make a proper protocol!"

~Kristen T

"I have been following Sandie for 5-6 years, I have 5 babies and had some health stuff start to come up and through watching her videos and following her Facebook page - I loved what I saw… When IHA opened, I knew i wanted to hop on because of the success I have had. Sandie is so understanding, and the course being at its own pace really helped me to be able to understand all of the information ! Sandie is always there to support! I highly recommend "

~Annie S

" For me there was never any question in my mind for entering into IHA. I was really happy it was a whole body, root cause healing path.  After working with Sandie for a year for my own personal health issues, I am now in the best health of my life, working my business again and homeschooling my children. I don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for this program! I am so excited to offer this same help to others! "

~ Michelle B

I am enrolled in IHA with Sandie! The course is absolutely amazing! Is it easy? No! But I wouldn’t want it to be to become an integrative healing practitioner!  I have always wanted to go into the alternative health field! I found Sandie on Facebook and bought her book! I really resigned with how Sandie thinks and the way she approached health! 

~ Lisa 

I have been in IHA since its first launch and a client of sandies since 2020. Sandie has healed hundreds of people including myself! Now I am so excited to help others with this proven method! If you’re on the fence about joining just jump in! 

~ Caroline 

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