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Frequently Asked Questions

The best part of Integrative Healing Academy is you get my own expertise. I will be here to support you the entire way! 

Question #1. How long do I get access to this? Is it subscription based?

It is a membership course, you have life time access and there will be no extra fees


Question #2. With the payment plan do I get access to everything?

Yes you get access to the entire Integrative Healing Course


Question #3. How long does it take to get through the program and how many hours a day will I have to spend on it?

The course can be completed in 6 months for the go getter. It will take the average person 8-12 months to complete it spending 1-2 hours a day learning


Question #4. How long does it take to go through the course and start seeing results. 

 If you are running yourself through the program or when you run your clients through it, most people start seeing results after the foundations tests, approx. 3-4 months.


Question #5. If I get in there, and don’t like it is cancelling hard?

It is very easy, just send an email and you will be refunded in a few days as long as it is in the first 30 days


Question #6. Can I buy it now and start in 6 months?

You can start whenever you are ready but I would encourage you to do what you can now, even 30 minutes a day.  In 6 months that will add up to a lot


Question #7. When would be a good time to invest in this course?

When you are tired of being stuck in your current story.

Question #8. When do I get access to the bonuses?

You get access to all the bonuses except the Business Boom Course right away.  The BB course unlocks once you are certified.


Question #9. What other costs are involved doing the course?

You will need to purchase tests and supplements if you are using yourself as one of the practice clients. In the business course you will need to buy some software but start up should be less than $1000


Question #10. What support does it come with?

You have access to a private Facebook group dedicated to this course, monthly live classes and monthly live Q/A zoom calls.


Question #11. How much are course updates?

Free! They are all included


Question #12. Why is this course more expensive than other functional health coaching and nutrition certification courses?

Well that is easy to see.  Just look at the modules and bonuses in The Integrative Healing Academy and compare it to what is in these other courses.  Most health coach certification programs do not teach you how to analyze tests and design protocols.  They do not teach you how to grow your business and if they do you are often paying for the upgrades. 


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